Welcome to my gallery pages,

Most of my photos are shot on film using a small range of carefully collected and treasured cameras (mainly 35mm and medium format on 135 and 120 format film respectively). I sometimes use a digital camera if the circumstances demand it, for instance in low light situations or if I want to share the photos soon after they've been taken (neither strong points for shooting on film!). 

You can find more details about the film stock, camera and other image specific information in the keyword section for each shot. You can see some of my other photos arranged by FILM STOCK and by CAMERA in other galleries using the navigation options on the left.

I process (develop) most of my own film at home (the exception being colour reversal or 'slide' film which I currently send away for processing). I scan the developed negatives (and positives) to convert them to a digital file and then clean up the images in Adobe Lightroom before posting the best of them (in my opinion only) on Smug Mug in Galleries like this one.

All in all I estimate I probably spend an average of about one hour for each and every image I make in camera to get it on to this page. What's more, I probably shoot about five to ten images for every one that makes the cut and ends up in one or more of my galleries (most of them don't see daylight!).

I also enjoy printing my favourite images (via inkjet printer on photo quality paper) - and will happily print copies for you on request (although I may need to ask for a small contribution  to help cover cost of paper and ink). 

Thank you for respecting my rights of ownership in respect of all of the images in these galleries. Please feel free to share a link to my galleries as you deem appropriate (this assumes you already have access). You are also welcome to download these images to share with friends and family for personal use. If you wish to use my images for any other purpose, please just get in touch and ask me first. 

Access to all of my private galleries is protected by password or restricted via some other means. I aim to always respect the privacy related concerns of all interested parties. If, for any reason, you wish for me to remove any particular image/s that you either appear in or have some other interest in - please just let me know and I will happily do so.

I generally do not share images from my private galleries within my public galleries. Some images may appear in more than one gallery.

Finally please feel welcome to comment on these photos - especially if you have a suggestion for the caption or can help me with details about the shot (I don't always get the captions right or remember all the details!). Your feedback encourages me to make better pictures.

Please also check for updates from time to time,  I may continue to add to some galleries as I create and process more content.

hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed making them. CLICK!

Regards and best wishes,

Damian Kells


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